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About Jobio

Oliz Staffing has been in business since 2015. The founder, Sovie Glenn has always prioritized family first. The name of the business was even inspired by both her late maternal and paternal grandmothers Ola and Elizabeth. Sovie always knew that helping people was a passion of hers, but she did not want to the typical career of doctor, nurse, or lawyer. When emerging into the field of recruiting she found that she could not only help people, but also help people, help themselves and their families. Having a career that you feel good about and financially supports your life was always important to Sovie.

Sovie’s favorite saying is, “recruiting found me”. Up until a few years ago, a career in recruiting was not idolized, many people did not truly understand the importance of the role. So, when thinking of a career after graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business management, recruiting was not at the top of her list. However, it was the first role she took on and she has not looked back ever since.

At Oliz Staffing we are dedicated and passionate about connecting the right people to the right companies. We have supported top fortune 500 companies and small businesses. We produce results equally to each client that has trusted in us to bring the right people to help shape their companies. We have supported many different verticals and discovered top talent in each industry.

We cannot wait to be a contributing factor to your organization.

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